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Apr 09: SQL Functions, Table Charts

Learning Objectives

After today's class, you should be able to:

  • Write an SQL function that returns the contents of a table.
  • Describe how to write a Jinja template for running a query.

Lesson Outline

GP3 Report Out [25 min]

  • Each team shares how they completed GP3
  • Instructor presents highlights of team's code

SQL Functions [25 min]

Fun with Functions, by Example

  • Basic Syntax (slides 2, 16, 27)
  • Dollar Quoting (slide 11)
  • Volatility (slides 35–36)

See also PostgreSQL documentation:


Web Dev 101 [25 min]

Your To-Do List

  • Start reading zyBook sections 9.19.5
  • Start working on GP4 (due Monday)