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Jan 23: ER Models

Learning Objectives

After today's class, you should be able to:

  • Define the following terms: relationship, cardinality, participation, weak entity, and ternary.
  • Apply conceptual modeling techniques to create an ER model from abstract data requirements.

Lesson Outline

Lecture Slides: ER Models

  • [15 min] Relationships, cardinality, and participation
  • [15 min] Group Activity: Abstract ER, Part 1
  • [20 min] Weak entities; ternary and recursive relationships
  • [15 min] Group Activity: Abstract ER, Part 2
  • [10 min] Compare solutions

Your To-Do List

  • Read zyBook sections 4.14.6
    • Ideally before Thursday's class
  • Start working on Homework 1 (due Monday)
    • To be completed in groups of 3–4 students