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GP6: Final Presentation

Due: Monday, April 29th

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You have one more week to finish your project! On Tuesday, April 30th, each group will present their work to the class.


Your final deliverable is your GitHub repository. Please verify that the following files are up to date and ready for grading:

  • GP1eer_model.png should reflect the final design of your database.

  • GP2create.sql, alter.sql, and rel_model.pgerd are all in sync.

  • GP3data/ files and scripts are complete and run without errors.

  • GP4webapp/functions and webapp/templates run without errors.

  • and implement all the required functionality.

You should have a file in each of the following locations:

  • data/ – explain how the data is generated and how to run any faker scripts.
  • database/ – explain how to run the scripts and any notes about the model.
  • webapp/ – explain how to create the SQL functions and run the Flask app.

Two years from now, after you have forgotten the details of this project, you should be able to get your webapp running again by following the instructions in your README files.

For grading, the instructor should be able to start with an empty database, run all your scripts in the order that you describe, and see your web app work like during your presentation.


Each group will have 10 minutes to present their project to the class. The presentation should be organized as follows:

  • 4 minutes: demo query #1, #2, or #3 (each group will be assigned one of the three queries)
  • 4 minutes: demo your special feature (query #4)
  • 2 minutes: questions and comments from the audience

Do not prepare slides. Most of the presentation should be a live demo. For each 4-minute segment, show the following:

  • Demonstrate how the feature works in the browser
  • Walk through the web app code (jinja,,
  • Walk through the database code (sql queries, db design)

You don't have to show all of your code; focus on the most interesting parts. The presentation must involve all group members—don't just let one person do most of the talking.