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Vehicle Rental EER

Create an EER model for a vehicle rental company that rents cars, moving trucks, and boats:

  • It has multiple locations. Each location has a unique name, as well as an address and office phone number.
  • Each vehicle has a unique serial number and a model number.
  • Cars have a passenger capacity, moving trucks have a cargo capacity and boats have a motor size.
  • Employees of the rental agency have a unique ID, a name, address and phone number.
  • There are office staff, who make a salary, and truck drivers and boat drivers, who have an hourly pay rate. Each employee has an office location. Each location has an office manager (one of the office staff members).
  • Customers have a unique ID number, a name, address and phone number.
  • A customer can rent a vehicle, with a start date and time, and the rental period has an end date and time.
  • A customer drives a rental car themselves, but a truck or boat rental always comes with a driver.