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Feb 01: Intro to SQLite

Learning Objectives

After today's class, you should be able to:

  • Describe the basic relational operations: select, project, join.
  • Write SQL queries that apply the basic relational operations.

Lesson Outline

HW2 Hints [10 min]

  • How HW1 is being graded
  • Chen vs Crow's foot notation
  • HW2 is more complex than HW1

Lecture Slides: [15 min]

Group Activity: [50 min]

  • SQLite Lab (work together and discuss)
  • Meet with the instructor for HW1 feedback

Your To-Do List

  • Finish reading zyBook sections 2.12.7
  • Finish working on Homework 2 (due Monday)
    • To be completed in groups of 3–4 students
    • Use Crow's Foot notation for this homework