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Feb 06: Assessment Day

Class Canceled

Due to Assessment Day, we will have our next day of class on Thursday.

Your To-Do List

  • Start reading zyBook sections 4.74.9 and the case study 11.111.3.
  • Homework 3 will be posted later in the week.
  • Please download and install MySQL Workbench
    • You do not need to install MySQL server because we will provide a shared server.

MacOS Users

  • If you have MacOS 14 (Sonoma), note that the current version of Workbench has some GUI issues, but previous versions crash.
  • If you have MacOS 13 (Ventura) or 12 (Monterey), please do not update your OS just to install Workbench. Instead, go to the archives (a tab on the download page) and get a previous version of Workbench instead (8.0.34 or 8.0.33).