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HW3: Workbench Model

Due: Monday, Feb 12th

MySQL Workbench Visual Design
Image source: MySQL Workbench


  • Convert your EER design from HW2 to a relational design.
  • Collaborate with other students using MySQL Workbench.


Use MySQL Workbench to design a relational database for your solution of HW2: Conference Review. Follow the steps outlined in the MySQL Workbench Lab. Your diagram must include:

  • The names of all group members in a "Text Object" placed in the upper-right corner.
  • Notes explaining assumptions and decisions you made during the design process.

HW2 Revisions

While working on HW3, you might discover problems with your HW2 design. If that happens, you are encouraged to make revisions to your HW2 design. You may resubmit HW2 for full credit by the HW3 deadline.

If you resubmit HW2, you must add a section to your notes (on the second page of the pdf) explaining what changes you made and how the changes affect the HW3 design. Submit your changes to the HW2 assignment on Gradescope, not the HW3 assignment.


Submit two files to the HW3 assignment Gradescope:

  • Your original .mwb file.
  • A single page .pdf file.
    • Go to File → Export → Export as a Single Page PDF…

Remember to add group members to your submission after uploading.