Curriculum Vitae

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Floating-Point Research

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Miscellaneous Research

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Project reports from graduate courses at the University of Maryland, College Park:

  • Automatic Patch Generation (CMSC 631, PDF)
  • Decoupling Port and Protocol on the Internet (CMSC 711, PDF)
  • FPInst: Floating Point Error Analysis Using Dyninst (CMSC 714, PDF)
  • Query Progress Indicators in PostgreSQL (CMSC 724, PDF)
  • Uncertainty for the Novice (CMSC 734, PDF)
  • EasyCell: A Language for Describing Cellular Signalling Pathways (CMSC 828N, PDF)

Project reports from undergraduate courses at James Madison University:

  • Student Open Source Use on the JMU Campus (PDF)
  • Therac-25 (PDF)