I am a major advisor for the Computer Science department. Please see my advising page for more details.

In addition, I serve as advisor or co-advisor for several CS clubs. Here are the clubs that I advise, in roughly decreasing order of my involvement:

Unix Users Group

I am co-advisor (along with staff member Mike Ripley) of the university Unix Users Group, which meets regularly throughout the semester to educate others about Unix-related and other open-source software. We maintain an active Github presence, including a repository of past presentations and tutorials and an Ansible-based Linux VM build. We also have a shared Twitter account.

I have lead several tutorials for the UUG, including the following that are posted online:

Competitive Programming

I am co-advisor (along with faculty member John Bowers) of the competitive programming club, which meets as a class (CS 280) during the Spring and as a club during the Fall (competition season).


I am advisor for PlayMU, a recreational club for video game enthusiasts. We have an active Discord and several e-Sports teams.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon

I am advisor for Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the computer science honor society.