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Research Areas

Throughout His Career

Most of Dr. Bernstein's research has focused on the use of computing and communications technology in transportation. This has included work on in-vehicle computing:

    An Introduction to In-Vehicle Navigation Systems (Slides)
    Finding Alternative Paths (Overview)
    Incorporating Time and Tolls in Path Finding Algorithms (Overview)
    Map Matching (Overview)

other kinds of intelligent transportation systems:

    An Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems (Slides)
    The Future of Intelligent Transportation Systems (Slides)
    Efficiency, Fairness and Equity of ITS (Slides)
    Congestion Pricing with an Untolled Alternative (Working Paper)
    Well-Behaved Link Delay Functions (Working Paper)
    An Introduction to Electronic Commerce Technologies (Slides)
    Personal Travel Assistants and En-Route Commerce (Tech. Report)
    Real-Time Pricing of Taxi Services (Slides)
    Internet Congestion and Pricing (Slides)
    Congestion (Slides)

some work on transit systems, and a significant amount of work on route and departure-time choice. (See his list of publications for more information.)

Current Research

Dr. Bernstein continues to have an interest in transportation-related topics but has recently branched out into a couple of other areas.

Editorial Responsibilities

Dr. Bernstein is, or has been, on the editorial boards of several journals, including:

    Journal of Regional Science
    Operations Research
    Spatial and Network Theory
    Transportation Science

and is, or has been, a reviewer for numerous other journals.

Invited Talks

Dr. Bernstein has given a variety of invited "semi-technical" talks to a broad range of audiences over the years, including:

    Calculus for the Morning Commute (Slides)
    Getting from Here to There (Slides)
    Introduction to TeX and LaTeX (Slides, Sample)
    Modeling for En-Route Commerce (Slides)


Route Finding

Graphs in Sports


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