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Teaching at JMU

Fall 2024:

    CS 159 - Advanced Programming
    CS 345 - Software Engineering

Other Semesters:

    CS 139/149 - Introduction to Programming
    CS 159/239 - Advanced Programming
    CS 240 - Data Structures and Algorithms
    CS 345 - Software Engineering
    CS 349 - Developing Multimedia
    CS 361 - Computer Systems II
    CS 446 - Software Analysis and Design
    CS 460 - TCP/IP Networks
    CS 462 - Network Application Development
    CS 480 - Personal Navigation Systems
    CS 488 - Computer Graphics Applications
    CS 531 - Secure Programming
    CS 555 - Secure Software Engineering
    CS 588 - Introduction to Computer Graphics (w/ Applications in Forensics and InfoSec)
    CS 665 - Software Requirements and Design
    CS 685 - Secure Mobile Applications
    CS 685 - Programming for the WWW
    Math 483 - Scientific Visualization and Animation
    TECH 230 - Travel + Tech

Teaching at Other Universities

Dr. Bernstein was on the faculty at MIT and Princeton prior to joining the faculty at JMU. In the past he has taught such classes as:

    The Science and Technology of Decision-Making
    Electronic Commerce
    Network Optimization
    Equilibrium and Game-Theoretic Models in Operations Research
    Nonlinear Optimization
    Transportation Systems Analysis
    GIS for Transportation Planners and Engineers
    Transportation Network Equilibrium Analysis
    Topics in Transportation and Land-Use Interactions
    Algorithms for Transportation and Land-Use Modeling

at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Teaching (and Related) Awards

While at JMU, Dr. Bernstein was named one of the "Best 300 Professors" in 2012 by The Princeton Review (Thoughts), was a finalist for the State Council for Higher Education for Virginia's Outstanding Faculty Award in 2013, received the CISE Outstanding Student Mentor Award in 2014, and received the Faculty Emereti Association Legacy Grant in 2016.

While at Princeton, Dr. Bernstein was awarded the Engineering Council's Excellence in Teaching Award in 1995 and 1999, and the President's Award (the highest award for teaching at Princeton) in 1999.






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