High-Performance Analysis Lab

This lab is an undergraduate research effort in the Computer Science department at James Madison University. During the Spring 2018, it met weekly at 4pm on Mondays in ISAT/CS 261 (the CS conference room), and the general theme involved performance analysis and workload characterization using Intel Pin. For Fall 2018, individuals involved in particular projects are meeting weekly but there is no group-wide weekly meeting time. For Spring 2018 and beyond, we are joining the department-wide informal research discussion time over lunch in ISAT/CS 246 on any Fridays when there is no research seminar.


  • Dr. Mike Lam
  • Dr. Dee Weikle


  • Nkeng Atabong
  • Adam Blalock
  • Kylie Davidson
  • Ryan Heick
  • Logan Moody
  • Becky Wild


  • Zamua Nasrawt ('18)
  • Mac Koslowski ('18)


  • "A Study of the Effect of Memory System Configuration on the Power Consumption of an FPGA Processor" - honors thesis (Blalock, Weikle)
  • E-Flynn workload characterization (Davidson, Heick, Koslowski, Weikle)
  • "Precision Analysis of a Chaotic System" - honors thesis (Wild, Lam)
  • Visualization of floating-point error via shadow value analysis (Atabong, Moody, Lam)
  • Integration of existing floating-point tuning tools (Moody, Lam)