High-Performance Analysis Lab

This lab is an undergraduate research effort in the Computer Science department at James Madison University focused on high-performance program and architecture analysis. The group has been largely on hiatus since Spring 2021. Please email a faculty member if you are interested in these topics.


  • Dr. Mike Lam
  • Dr. Dee Weikle


  • Riley Harbick
  • Sanda Thura


  • Nkeng Atabong ('19)
  • Adam Blalock ('19)
  • Kylie Davidson ('19)
  • Joey Lucas ('20)
  • Mac Koslowski ('18)
  • Ryan McCubbin ('21)
  • Logan Moody ('20)
  • Zamua Nasrawt ('18)
  • Courtenay Taylor ('20)
  • George Tisdelle ('21)
  • Becky Wild ('19)


  • "A Study of the Effect of Memory System Configuration on the Power Consumption of an FPGA Processor" - honors thesis (Blalock, Weikle)
  • E-Flynn workload characterization (Davidson, Heick, Koslowski, Weikle)
  • "Precision Analysis of a Chaotic System" - honors thesis (Wild, Lam)
  • Visualization of floating-point error via shadow value analysis (Atabong, Moody, Tisdelle, Lam)
  • Integration and application of existing floating-point tuning tools (Moody, Lam)