ACM Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE)

ACM COPE is responsible for promoting ethical conduct among computing professionals. I am currently serving as an officer (Education Coordinator) for COPE. As part of that role, I serve as a member (ex officio) of ACM Publications Board Ethics & Plagiarism Committee and I have been a member ad hoc committees to investigate complaints made under the Enforcement Procedures for the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

I joined COPE as a member of the Executive Committee for the Code 2018 Project. This project updated the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for the first time since the 1992 version. My contributions to this project included rewriting the guidance language for the Principles, incorporating feedback collected from thousands of ACM members.

In addition, I have made other contributions to COPE and served in a variety of roles:

  • Web administrator for ACM COPE
  • Author of ACM Case Studies
  • Co-author of ACM Code Booklet
  • Co-facilitator: "Using the ACM Code of Ethics in Technical Computing Topics," SIGCSE 2019
  • Co-facilitator: "ACM Code of Ethics: Looking Back and Forging Ahead," SIGCSE 2019
  • Invited Panelist: "Ethical Considerations for New Technologies: The Impact of AI and Technology on Human Operators," Jones Day/ACM Washington, D.C.
  • Co-facilitator: "Strategies for Integrating the Updated ACM Code of Ethics into the Computing Curriculum," SIGCSE 2018 [Github Repository]
  • Co-facilitator: "Strategies for Integrating Driverless Cars into the Computing Curricula," SIGCSE 2017 [Sample exercise: Keynote | PPT | PDF]

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