CS 159: Advanced Programming
James Madison University, Spring 2015 Semester

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About the Course

A computer program is a set of instructions that a computer can execute. Programming is the process of creating a computer program. This course is about programming in object-oriented programming languages and covers both introductory and advanced topics. It also provides an introduction to elementary abstract data types such as lists, stacks, and queues.

This course builds on the skills learned in CS 139/149. While the focus in that course is on learning to use basic programming constructs such as variables, loops, methods, and conditional statements, the focus in this course is on problem solving within the object-oriented programming paradigm. We will learn object-oriented design techniques as well as object-oriented language features such as inheritance and polymorphism.

From the Instructor

Welcome to CS 159

Many of the activities, labs, assignments, handouts, and other files on this website are the work of other faculty and students at JMU. Special thanks to David Bernstein and Nathan Sprague who shared their resources with me and collaborated to develop this course in its present form. We hope you enjoy the experience and have fun taking your computer programming skills to the next level.

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