CS 149: Introduction to Programming
James Madison University, Spring 2019 Semester

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About the Course

Chris Mayfield, Ph.D.

Have you ever wanted to create your own mobile app, interactive website, or video game? This hands-on course will build the foundation for learning these and other skills. Java is one of the most popular languages in industry today, from building enterprise web applications to developing native Android apps. Learning to code is not only rewarding for personal interests, it also has a tremendous impact on your ability to change the world! Computer science drives innovation in society today.

I encourage you to learn new problem-solving skills, experiment with algorithm design, become familiar with a formal language, and develop new technical skills. As you learn the fundamentals of programming, you will find that it's a lot of hard work—but it's worth it! I promise to create a collaborative, team-based learning environment that encourages questions, provides significant learning opportunities, and actively involves you in each class. This class will put you on the path to become the next generation of computer scientists.

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