John C. Bowers

Photo of me giving a talk.

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at James Madison University. I am interested broadly in computational geometry, a sub-area of computer science theory that includes applications to graphics and vision (among others). Most recently I have focused on problems arising from computational origami and have been tackling an interesting set of problems that lie at the intersection of circle packing and rigidity theory (especially in regards to polyhedra).

I am the leader of the Ars Geometrica Lab, more up to date information on what the lab is doing can be found at that link, including student blog posts from ongoing projects.


My Research

Circle packing of Virginia
Figure 1. Circle packing of Virginia.

My work is characterized by problems that lie at the intersection of computer science and (constructivist) geometry. Areas that interest me include problems arising from the mathematics of origami design (what can be folded?), circle patterns and inversive geometry (cf. circle packing), and rigidity theory and folding (for example, protein folding), to name just a few. What drives all my work is a commitment to the classical ideals of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. On top of that, geometry appeals to me because it is physical–by which I mean that you can build it and feel it and see it and play with it. In some sense this is what makes me a computer scientist over a pure mathematician. My approach to mathematics is experimental–I’m just as likely to fire up GeoGebra or hack out some code in Netbeans when approaching a problem as I am to pull out a pad of paper and a pen.

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