* CS139 - Programming Fundamentals
 * Department of Computer Science
 * James Madison University
 * @version Spring 2016

Linux Text Editors Guide

These are a series of text editors available on Linux to edit text files.


Available on CS Linux and Mac Lab computers via the terminal. This is a text based terminal only editor.

VI or VIM (VI i[M]proved)

One of the more guaranteed to be available editors on any linux/UNIX platform worldwide. Also available on both the Mac and Linux lab machines in the CS department.


This is the standard Graphical editor installed on the Linux Mint lab machines. You can use the mouse to do selection and other Graphical User Interface(GUI) interactions.

OPTIONAL: Advanced Graphical Editors for your own linux installs

These are two of the more popular open source graphical editors that are available cross-platform on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. This allows you to know the keyboard shortcuts and use the same editor on multiple systems. Use of these will not be covered in class, but you may find them helpful for editing text files on your computer at home.