CS 474 GP1: Written Proposal
James Madison University, Spring 2018 Semester

Draft submission due Feb 2nd in class.
Each group brings three hard copies to share.

Download gp1.tex or clone/edit on Overleaf


The goal of the course project is for you to design and implement, in groups of 3-4 students, a substantial three-tier database application. All groups will work on a project with existing data of their choice. The project must include sufficient opportunity to design tables and queries, allow a user to interact with the data, and display visual results.

Write a short and compelling project proposal that your group would like to pursue this semester. Note that you are not committing to a specific direction or set of requirements at this stage. The purpose of this proposal is for us to mutually agree on a project that is feasible over the course of one semester.

Your proposal should be 2-3 pages, with 1.5 spacing and a blank line between paragraphs, and have 1-inch margins. The narrative itself should be about 800 to 1200 words. You are expected to write professionally, use complete sentences, have no spelling errors, etc. See the provided LaTeX template for the specific contents.

Each member of the group must contribute to the proposal. One person should clone the template on Overleaf, and then share the "Read & Edit Link" with the rest of the group. We will complete this step during class time to avoid confusion (e.g., multiple copies of the proposal).

We will peer review the proposals during class on the due date. Each group will evaluate current drafts from two other groups using the JMU Writing Rubric. You will also play the role of consultants to help each other refine your ideas and project direction. After revising the proposal based on peer feedback, each group will submit the final version via Canvas for grading.