Research Project

Mid-project Deliverable

You must submit your mid-project deliverable as a zip file on the appropriate Canvas assignment. You must include the following items:

  1. README.txt - Short description of other files, especially any that are not mandated by this description.
  2. survey.txt - Your group's answers to the survey questions listed below.
  3. discussion.pdf - Document where you discuss your progress so far. What have you accomplished? What discoveries have you made? What roadblocks have you hit? What elements do you plan on including in your final project poster? Are you on track to finish the project by the final due date? If not, what do you plan to do to get back on track? Be as detailed as possible. Aim for 2-4 pages and make sure you include any relevant data you have accumulated so far.
  4. source code - Include any relevant source code and instructions on how to build and run it (Makefile preferred!). Unless otherwise arranged, your code should compile and run on the cluster. If you have been using online source control (e.g., Github) just include the repo URL in your README.txt.
  5. data - If your program requires any data sets, make sure you include these as well. If they are larger than a few MB, please put them in a folder inside /scratch/shared instead of uploading them to Canvas.

To help me advise you more effectively, please answer the following survey questions as a group by consensus in your survey.txt file:

  1. How do you feel the project is going so far in general? Please provide a score from 1 to 5 where 5 is excellent, 3 is OK, and 1 is terrible.
  2. How urgently do you need feedback on this deliverable? Please choose one one of the following options:
    • Urgent - We REALLY need feedback ASAP in order to make more progress.
    • Normal - We need feedback, but we know where we are and how to keep making progress for now.
    • Non-critical - We have a good handle on the project and don't need quick feedback at this point.
  3. How effectively is your group finding meeting times and getting work done? Please choose one of the following options:
    • Great - No issues.
    • OK - Some obstacles, but we're overcoming them.
    • Rough - Some obstacles, and we're having difficulty overcoming them.
    • Problem - Major obstacles that we need to talk about with you soon.
  4. Do you have any specific questions you'd like me to answer as part of your evaluation?

This submission will be graded on its correctness, completeness, thoroughness, and scope. Because every project is different, it is impossible to provide a single rubric. Each submission will be graded based on its individual merit. I will provide some written feedback and assign you an overall letter grade for this submission as follows:

Exceptional A
Good B
Satisfactory C
Deficient D
Unacceptable F

The goal of this submission is to make sure you are on track to submit the final version when it is due.