Research Project

Final Deliverable

You must submit your final project deliverable as a zip file on the appropriate Canvas assignment. You must include the following items:

  1. README.txt - Short description of other files, especially any that are not mandated by this description.
  2. report.pdf - Report on your project. Include at least 5-6 sections from the following as appropriate for your project: Background, Methods, Experiments, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Future Work. Make sure you include a description of the problem or algorithm you studied, including brief code excerpts if appropriate. Discuss how you applied the concepts we learned in this class. Elaborate on any difficulties encountered and how you overcame them. Provide performance results and analysis. Give a few concrete suggestions about how the project could be continued or improved in the future. Be detailed, but do not ramble. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes before you submit. Aim for 5-10 pages single-spaced. I recommend typesetting it with LaTeX for readability. Include references where appropriate. Take a few minutes to skim this paper and do your best to adhere to the "rules" (i.e., best practices) for any parallel performance results you report.
  3. source code - Include any relevant source code and instructions on how to build and run it (Makefile and/or testing scripts preferred!). I expect to be able to reproduce your results with minimal effort. Unless otherwise arranged, your code should compile and run on the cluster. If you have been using online source control (e.g., Github) just include the repo URL in your README.txt. If you were primarily modifying code rather than writing it from scratch, you should include a cleaned-up diff from the original to highlight your changes.
  4. data - If your program requires any data sets, make sure you include these as well. If they are larger than a few MB, please put them in a folder inside /scratch/shared instead of uploading them to Canvas.

Your submission will be graded on its correctness, completeness, thoroughness, and scope. Because every project is different, it is impossible to provide a single rubric. Each submission will be graded based on its individual merit. I will provide some written feedback and assign you an overall letter grade for this submission as follows:

Exceptional A
Good B
Satisfactory C
Deficient D
Unacceptable F