I do advising for all CS minors and some CS majors. I also work with students on both undergraduate and graduate research projects. If you are a current or potential advisee of mine, please read the information at the appropriate link below before setting up an appointment.

  • CS minor - This document provides information about the minor, including how to apply and what courses to take.
  • CS major - This document supplements the official CS major plan of study with some additional recommendations.
  • Research - My research page describes the types of projects that I have worked on with students and plan to do in the future.

Prerequisite Map

This is an unofficial illustration of the prerequisites for the JMU CS major. You should consult the official Plan of Study page for complete information. The courses shown here are the ones that are taught most regularly, and there are some that are not omitted for clarity. Click the image for a full-page printable version.

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