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Connecting to a Subversion Repository on Assembla

Some Subversion Repository Servers use ssh to secure the communications channel (often called the svn+ssh protocol). Assembla uses https. While this is less efficient, it is easy to setup. (In case you are interested, Assembla does use ssh with git which requires a key pair.)
  1. Get the Assembla checkout URL for the repository. (This can be found on the Assembla WWW site on the "SVN" tab.)
  2. If you are not already, use the SVN perspective by clicking on Window-Perspective-Open Perspective-Other, selecting "SVN Repository Exploring", and clicking on OK.
  3. Click on eclipse_new-repository-location.gif.
  4. After the dialog box opens, enter the Assembla checkout URL in the "URL:" field and your Assembla authentication information in the "User:" and "Password:" fields. (Note: If you save your authentication information you will not be prompted for it in the future but you will be asked to create a master Eclipse password if you have not done so already.)
  5. Click Finish.

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