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NMEA-0183 Sentences for GPS Receivers

1 Introduction

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has a standard for the formatting of Global Positioning System (GPS) information. Some of the standard NMEA-0183 "sentences" include:
AAM Waypoint arrival alarm
APA Autopilot format A
APB Autopilot format B
BOD Bearing, origin to destination
BWC Bearing and distance to waypoint, great circle
BWR Bearing and distance to waypoint, rhumb line (overridden by BWC if available)
DBT Depth below transducer
DPT Depth of water
GGA Global Positioning System Fix Data
GLL Geographic position, latitude and longitude (and time)
GSA GPS DOP and active satellites
GSV Satellites in view
HDM Heading, magnetic north
HDT Heading, true north
HSC Steer to heading
MTW Mean water temperature
RMB Recommended minimum navigation info when dest. waypoint is active
RMC Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data
VTG Track made good and ground speed
WCV Waypoint closure velocity
WPL Waypoint location
XTE Cross-track error
XTR Cross-track error, dead reckoning (overriden by XTE if available)

Some of the proprietary "sentences" that are recognized by the NMEA include:

PGRME Garmin Proprietary Estimated Position Error
PGRMF Garmin Proprietary Position Fix Sentence
PGRMM Garmin Proprietary Map Datum Sentence
PGRMV Garmin Proprietary Velocity Sentence
PGRMZ Garmin Proprietary Altitude Information
PRWIZCH Rockwell Zodiac Proprietary Channel Information

Some of these sentences are described below. Note that this document should not be treated as authoratative.

2 The GGA Sentence

An example GGA sentence (without differential coorection) is shown below:


The sentence contains the following fields:

3 The GSV Sentence

Two example GSV sentences are shown below:


The GSV sentence contains the following fields:

4 The RMC Sentence

An example RMC sentence is shown below:


The sentence contains the following fields:

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